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Conger Students Learn Water Safety

Kindergarten and third-grade students at Conger Elementary attended an assembly to learn how to be safe around water, led by members of the Klamath County Marine Patrol.

Each year the marine patrol meets with elementary students to teach them important lessons about the dangers of water and how to keep safe in various water situations.  

This year, Deputy Sheriff Derek Randall took over the safety awareness training from Ron McKinney who is retiring.  

Students learn how to be safe when swimming, water rules, and boating safety. Among other things, kids learn never to swim alone, to stay away from canals and flooded streets, and to wear life vests when in boats.

Students attend the assembly as kindergarten students, and then again as 3rd graders to reinforce the importance of water awareness and safety.  “We haven’t had a child die in a boating-related incident in more than 16 years,” said McKinney when asked about the effectiveness of the program.  

The Klamath County Marine Patrol also offers a class monthly for adults at Klamath Community College from May through October.  The eight (8) hour long class is for adults seeking an Oregon Boating Certificate.  The certificate costs $10, but the class itself is offered by KCC free of charge.

For more information, please contact the Klamath County Marine Patrol at 541-883-5130

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