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8th Grade Students in Ponderosa WEB Program Leave Inspirational Mark In Cafeteria

WEB Students at Ponderosa recently completed a mural of the word BELIEVE in the Ponderosa Cafeteria.


Emily Wood, an 8th grader at Ponderosa Middle School, wanted to leave an 8th-grade mark at Ponderosa since they are leaving next year. She thought creating an inspirational mural would be a fun activity and wanted to improve the look of the cafeteria.

Emily started doing some research for ideas on the internet, saw the word “BELIEVE” and thought it was the perfect word that stands for what WEB teaches. She also hoped that this project would inspire every 8th-grade class to do something similar in the future.

Emily first had a meeting with Mr. Monteith to share her idea. She was told to come up with a plan of what she wanted along with a budget to get the supplies.


She then presented it to Mr. Monteith and he approved it. Emily filled out a requisition for the supplies and went to Home Depot to purchase everything.


In WEB class, she got volunteers to commit to coming in on Friday the 26th, which was a grade prep day when the students did not have school.

Emily was also able to get a local artist, Robert Terrell, and her dad to help.

They met at 11:00 am in the cafeteria and began painting.








After painting the main area, the team brainstormed while eating pizza about what they could add to make the message stronger. They decided to add sayings inside the letters to show what the word “BELIEVE” means to them.

The entire project started with the prep work of taping the outline on Thursday the 25th and was completed on Friday the 26th.

School contact person: Nancy Rupp, 541.883.4740

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